“Non award-winning Canadian satire.” – The Globe And Snapchat

“Better than a tuna sandwich with no mayo. Or tuna. Or bread. Better than an empty plate. Is it a nice plate?” The Elephant Seal 

“Fake news.” The Toronto Supernova

“Nice to see you writing again.” Mom

Not the biggest. Not the funniest. Not the most acerbic, or sarcastic, or brutally honest. Why are you here? Let’s not overthink it. 

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P.S. If you’re here because of a recent post going viral such as [checks notes] ‘Terrifying Images Emerge From Within Once-Peaceful-Now-A-Security-Threat Nation Of Canada,’ thanks for taking the time to have a further look around the page. My name is Paul Duncan, and I have now written [checks notes again] 438 posts on this page. I do my best to make each one capable of holding a little water, and be worth your time. And I try not to add to the online cacophony, without working in a few grace notes. I hope that’s what you heard. Thanks again for reading. 



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  1. Just found this Blog. Wonderful discovery! If it gets super popular, you will probably need quality help to support it but I think Canada enjoys good satire and humour, especially during these times.


  2. You had my full attention at ‘horrifying picture of a depravedly-genial country´.
    Great stuff! Thanks for the belly-laugh.
    Keep ´em coming.


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